We are knowledge

and technology to support business continuity

Professional IT and knowledge management services

We are a Colombian company with more than 17 years in the IT industry. We add value to our clients by developing software projects in different technologies and following the staffing model. Thanks to our management processes, we guarantee the continuity of the technical and business knowledge in the work teams.



Staff Augmentation

We offer staff with the soft, technical, and professional skills required to join the client’s work team and with the background and experience necessary to carry out software-based projects.


Business Solutions

Today, applications are key to simplify processes and user experiences; that is why we have a group of engineers and creatives committed to develop, under agile frameworks, the ideal solution for your business on web or mobile devices.

Agile Team

We support our clients with work teams able to carry out agile projects when building IT systems is required to respond to business needs. This modality is especially useful to obtain results and validate business models quickly.

Software Factory

When the client has a team of analysts, who structure the needs to be addressed, we offer the software factory service, which comprises a qualified team and development processes that guarantee the fulfillment of the needs and the continuous delivery of product.


We identify the processes that need to be automated to add value to the business and optimize the staff’s tasks. Robots can be built using automation platforms previously acquired by the client or independent software developments.

Artificial Intelligence

Our computational models and advanced algorithms perform anthropometric identifications to capture, recognize, and analyze emotions, genders, age ranges, and other data useful for decision-making.

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